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July 2010

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As I write this, I am still recovering from my first General Assembly (the annual gathering of the congregational delegates of the Unitarian Universalist Association) spent as a member of the UUA Board.  GA is always a densely packed event—3400 UUs gathered together to worship, learn, witness to social justice issues, and do the messy and glorious democratic business of our Association. 


There were a couple of surprise treats this year.  Congressman Keith Ellison stopped by to talk with us.  You might remember him as our first Muslim congressman. When he was sworn in to office, took his oath with his hand placed on Thomas Jefferson’s own Koran, a beautiful linking of American history and his own faith tradition.  And better yet-- the idea to use Jefferson’s Koran came from the local UU congregation!  And then Senator Al Franken made a visit, giving a moving talk about his Grandfather’s simple Judaism, which he understood as a call to do justice and act for the good.  Senator Franken suggested that this basic humanitarian deism had much in common with the beliefs of the American Founding Fathers. And he did say to us that “you all are my kind of church.”  Gini Courter, the ever quick Moderator of the UUA, responded with “and you are our kind of Senator.” 


But the most profound thing to come out of GA was the decision about what to do about GA 2012, which was scheduled for Phoenix.  Because of the anti-immigration laws there, many national Latina and Latino organizations were asking us to boycott Arizona in protest, and move GA to another location.  We on the UUA Board were initially supporting the boycott, but then some spectacular compromise and serious democratic practice occurred. The Assembly’s final decision was to go to Phoenix in 2012, but only do a minimum amount of business and programming.  The rest of the time we will spend doing activist work for immigration reform, working closely with the local Latina and Latino organizations there, as well as our own local congregations.  It is a risky decision--the people who go to GA most regularly include a lot of older people, many folks not in good health, and ministers (many of whom see GA as a kind of break).  So will people really go to GA if it includes working for immigrants outside in Phoenix in June in the 110 degree heat? 


I hope so.  I think this bold decision is one that has the capacity to change our historical course—and seal our commitment to justice in a new way. Such windows of opportunity are rare. Please consider attending General Assembly in Phoenix in 2012. 


To Life,






“Northern Light” Newsletter


The “Northern Light” is a monthly newsletter produced by North Unitarian Universalist Congregation and is distributed approximately the 1st of each month.


Submissions:  The deadline for submissions is generally the week following the monthly Board of Trustees meeting.  The submission deadline for August’s issue will be Thursday, July 22.  If possible, submissions should be sent as a Word-compatible document attached to an e-mail to Jeri Dill at  Pasting the article into the body of the e-mail is also suggested in case of incompatibility of software.


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Nursery Observing Summer Hours


The NUUC nursery is observing “summer hours” and will be staffed to serve younger-than-toddler age children from 10:15am until 11:45am.  These hours will remain in effect until early September.




Worship Schedule


July 4             

The American Religion.  The connections between our faith and some very specific ideas about what it means to be an American.  Intergenerational service (children in main worship)


July 11                       

What Inspires You?  Where can—and where have—we found inspiration?


July 18                       

Water, Earth and Sky: Understanding Humanity Through the Monuments They Leave Behind.  Teacher Mary Borgia, just returned from a study of the ruin of Tentikvachan, speaks about the spiritual and everyday lives of pre-historical Native Americans, and the lessons their lives offer to us today.


July 25                       

Practice Makes Perfect.  The actions—small and large—that change the world for the better and transform us along the way.






Children’s Religious Education


Except for special services as noted, our Summer Program for children of all ages is currently meeting in Fellowship Hall during the regular worship hour.  Formal age-appropriate RE classes will resume in September.


The complete and updated 2010-11 Religious Education Prospectus of class offerings may be viewed late this summer by visiting us at, click on “Worship and RE,” then on “Children’s Religious Education Program.”  Also, watch for Rev. Ritchie’s invitation in late August to register your children for Fall RE.


If you would like to learn more about teaching or assisting with one of our classes for the Fall 2010 session, please contact Rev. Susan Ritchie at 740-657-8081, ext. 2 or .



Can You Help this Summer?


Looking for adults willing to share a talent or hobby or maybe just games with our children during one of our "one room schoolhouse" styled summer religious education programs.  Also looking for assistants willing to just play alongside!  Let Rev. Ritchie know if you can help out  



NUUC Youth Group News


The NUUC Youth group had a party at the Mallets’ in June (it was loads of fun)!


The youth are invited to a get-together on Wednesday, July 7 from 7 - 11pm at the Rosenbergs’ (614-781-0166 or for info and directions)


The youth are also invited to two bowl-making parties in support of the annual "Empty Bowl" project—both get-togethers will occur during the July 18th and August 8th worship service hour.


Anyone who wants to host a party, send out a text and you will have 10 plus friends at your door.  Let’s stay in touch this summer!


Melinda Rosenberg










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