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The North Unitarian Universalist Congregation Newsletter

December 2010

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I write with a highly unusual and very important request.  As you probably know, we recently completed our annual Stewardship drive.  While Chair Laura Howe and her team did an excellent job, we found that a small but significant number of our families have been impacted enough by the economic downturn to necessitate a reduction in their financial giving to the congregation.   The result is that your Board of Trustees and I find our projected pledge income for 2011 to be $13,000 short of a budget, that while lean, is nonetheless supportive of our vital programs (the majority of our expenses come from salaries and fixed overhead costs; there is little to further trim). 

Consequentially, we are asking families and individuals with the resources to do so to make an additional commitment to their 2011 pledge.  This would be a one year commitment only (i.e., your “base pledge” remains the same).   With approximately 83 “pledge units” in our congregation, we hope to be able to make up the difference without too much strain.

As a witness to both the uniqueness of this situation and my faith in the North Unitarian Universalist Congregation (and because matching gifts are fun and motivating!), I am personally committing to a $4,000 supplement to my pledge to cover any difference between a minimal congregational commitment of $9,000 and our goal.  I also do this so that you know that we do not make this request lightly, but seriously, reverently, and in full faith in the redeeming powers of shared responsibilities.

You can make your commitment by visiting our on line form at, by emailing me at, or in returning the printed form that will arrive in the postal mail this week.  We hope to have all additional commitments tallied by Dec. 12, so that we might present a complete financial picture to the congregation at our meeting Dec. 19.  If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or our Board President, Nina Webb Lawton.

If you haven't made a 2011 pledge, and would like to do so, you may do so quickly and easily via the online form available at 

If you aren’t a member but would like to make a gift to the congregation as a part of this special appeal, you may donate through (use email With the greatest appreciation for our beloved community,

To Life!

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Merrily, NUUC Director of Puppet Ministries, confers with UUA Moderator Gini Courter about PUUMPS (Puppets in UU Ministry Programs).   


Nursery Observes Fall Hours 


The NUUC nursery is staffed weekly to serve younger-than-toddler age children.  Unless otherwise noted, nursery hours are 8:45am until 11:45am.  Special notes for December:

--  Coverage will be extended until 12:45pm on December 12 for the Service Auction and on December 19 for the Congregational Meeting on the Budget.

--  Coverage will be amended to 10:15am – 11:45am on December 26, January 2 and January 9 while the choir takes a hiatus for the holidays


“Northern Light” Newsletter  


The “Northern Light” is a monthly newsletter produced by North Unitarian Universalist Congregation and is distributed approximately the 1st of each month.


Submissions:  The deadline for submissions is generally the week following the monthly Board of Trustees meeting.  The submission deadline for the January 2011 issue will be Tuesday, December 21.  If possible, submissions should be sent as a Word-compatible document attached to an e-mail to Jeri Dill at  Pasting the article into the body of the e-mail is also suggested in case of incompatibility of software.


Delivery matters:  Delivery by electronic mail (e-mail) is our preferred method in order to save paper and postage; however, paper mailed copies are available upon request.  If your postal mail or e-mail address changes or you wish to be added to or removed from either mailing list, please advise Jeri Dill in the office at or by calling her at 740-657-8081, ext. 1.



Worship Schedule


December 5   

This I Believe.  Members of the Worship Committee share their beliefs.


December 12 

Hanukah: What Survivors Know.  Why living in this world requires we take lesson from those who have already been through the very worst. 


Description: Description: C:\Users\Susan\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\C8K25T8O\MC900347091[1].wmfBack by popular demand, a highly limited number of “Peace Oil” gourmet olive oils made by a Palestinian and Israeli cooperative will be available for sale at our Dec. 12 Hanukah service for $15/bottle.  Susan certified delicious!


December 19 

Perfect in the Flesh.  How understanding the theology of Christmas can change the ways we experience our own human embodiedness.


December 24 

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.  Held at 7:00pm – an intergenerational service.


December 26 

Boxing Day.  Contrary to popular experience, the day after Christmas has not always been about shopping, but about finding a way to turn the experience of Christmas into actual acts of charity.  An intergenerational service.


Children’s Religious Education


Our formal age-appropriate RE classes are currently meeting weekly unless services are noted otherwise as “intergenerational,” with classes running concurrently to the 10:30am worship service.  (There will be no Children’s RE on December 28 and January 2, 2011).


Class formats are the same as last year—“Chalice Children” is for 3-5 year olds and meets in the back of Fellowship Hall.  The “Explorers” (ages 6-11) and Youth “Seekers” (ages 12+) meet in Nielsen House, our religious education “house” located across the driveway from the church building.  (The age groups are a guide; you are welcome to place your children to accommodate any special needs or circumstances.)


The complete and updated 2010-11 Religious Education Prospectus of class offerings may be viewed by visiting us at, click on “Worship and RE,” then on “Children’s Religious Education Program.”


If you would like to learn more about teaching or assisting with one of our classes for the Winter/Spring 2011 session, please contact Rev. Ritchie at 740-657-8081, ext. 2 or .


Youth “Seeker” News


This fall has been busy for the youth group.  We have gone to Cedar Point, walked in the Crop Walk, planted bulbs at Nielsen House, and watched the movie "Pay it Forward"... and that is all outside of class time.  In class we are learning about topics related to developing a personal theology through studying the UU curriculum "A Place of Wholeness."  Students have looked at the idea of a spiritual journey and how working together can foster growth, what is faith and its use, our roots and wings, the theology of love and many others.  All of this information is being collected in a journal so that students may use it in writing their Coming of Age credo.


In January the students will start the Coming of Age Program during the Sunday morning hour.  This Unitarian Universalist program results in the kids writing their own values and beliefs statement or personal credo.  So far, we have eleven students participating, which is nothing to sneeze at considering that the students must commit to attending every possible Sunday.  This is big, given the age and the desire for sleep in the morning.  Further, it takes guts to face yourself, and formulating a comprehensive belief statement will not be easy.  I am standing up and applauding them all.  Yay!! 



Melinda Rosenberg

For the Youth Teaching Team




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