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August 2010

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As I sat down to write this column yesterday afternoon, I was thinking it was rather a slow news month.  I’d had a quiet morning, working on topics for next year’s worships and preparing a memorial service.  Then the messages started flying in.  Twenty three UUs arrested in Phoenix for acts of civil disobedience targeted at protesting both the SB 1070, and the explicitly racist tone that anti-immigration voices have lately adopted in newly extreme ways.  Among those arrested included Rev. Peter Morales, our UUA President, Rev. Melissa Carvill Ziemar of Kent, and JoLinda Stephens, DRE at First UU here in Columbus. As of now—Friday noon—most but not all have been released after an overnight in jail.


Since yesterday afternoon, I’ve had a number of conversations with you all about this.  Some of our members have been moved to proud tears by these actions (I was).  Others of you have mentioned to me ambivalence about this protest.   This is all good—we are a diverse people, and that would be precisely the point.


Personally, it is the images I can’t shake.  UUs in the Yellow Shirted “Standing on the Side of Love” tee shirts walking hand in hand with members of local Latina organizations.  UUs gathered outside of the jail holding their colleagues and friends, singing “Spirit of Life” in Spanish…all on Fox News! 


We’ve probably rightly been accused in the recent past of being a movement that would rather talk about justice issues than risk much ourselves that way personal.  We’ve been accused of being willing to put more money than flesh in the game.  We’ll, that’s over.  A new era is truly here, and I cannot wait to see where it leads us, and I dare to hope—for the first time in long time-- that we will be in a position to lead it.


To Life!



P.S.  Click here to watch the Fox News Video of UUs singing “Spirit of Life” in Spanish outside the Phoenix jail.

Visit for the latest information, and to donate to help those arrested with legal fees.





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Worship Schedule


August 1          NUUC Member Dick Leavy offers a worship service entitled “Sighted Faith,” which discusses when commitment to a cause represents "blind faith" and how the UU religion encourages both commitment and critical thinking.


August 8          “Everyday Spiritual Practices, 101.”  How, and why, to make a spiritual disciple a part of your regular life.


August 15        “Love and Service as a Walking Prayer.”  Guest speaker Donna Hrabcakova speaks about her experience living on a Native American reservation, and learning at the feet of the community’s wise women.


August 22        “Unitarian Universalism 101.”  All the basics—for newcomers and old-timers both—contained in one handy service!


August 29        Animal Blessing.  Bring the cat, dog, llama, horse, goldfish—whatever expands your definition of family—for a special blessing that honors the place of animals in our lives.  Outdoor weather permitting; otherwise the beasties will be welcome in the sanctuary.  (Intergenerational service—children in main worship).





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