Adult Programs

Adult Religious Education & Enrichment Opportunities

Classes and Workshops:

White Privilege: Let’s Talk~Transformational Dialogue

Rev. Susan Ritchie and Rev. Joan Van Becelaere are offering the curriculum “White Privilege: Let’s Talk—A Resource for Transformational Dialogue,” inviting NUUC members and friends to participate in ongoing conversations (in the style of and as a special iteration of Conversation Café) on Thursday nights, May 4-June 8. 7 PM (in Fellowship Hall, not Nielsen House).  This curriculum is designed to invite church members to engage in safe, meaningful, substantive, and bold conversations on race.  Divided into six focused parts, each part introduces a different aspect of the dynamic of white privilege: 1. Laying the Groundwork; 2. Whiteness as the Norm: Five Loci of Insights on the Binary of Light/Dark and Black/White; 3. Spiritual Autobiography Told Through the Lens of Race; 4 & 5. The Cash Value of Whiteness or Whiteness as a Tax-Exempt Status; and 6. On Becoming an Ally.  All four parts include a brief video presentation and reading with a different view of the subject matter presented based on different people’s unique personal experiences.   This is offering is in spirit with the request from the Black Lives Matter Unitarian Universalist requesting that congregations engage in teach-ins regarding white privilege, given the recent events at the Unitarian Universalist Association where hiring practices were decried as institutionally and structurally racist.  To sign up, visit:


Advocacy Training:  Countering Islamophobia

 Rev. Susan Ritchie will host a workshop with special guests on Saturday, March 11, 2017, from 9:00 AM-11:00 AM at NUUC in Fellowship Hall.  This workshop will:

– define Islamophobia and understand its historical and social sources

– place Islamophobia in a larger context of racialized oppression

– address common myths and assumptions about Islam and Muslims

– identify how we are unintentionally participating

– identify how we can interrupt our own and others’ participation

– identify intersectionalities between Islamophobia, racism, homophobia, anti-immigrant bigotry, and sexism

–explore the culture of Somali immigrants in Columbus with regards to effective relationship building

Sign up on at  by emailing, or by filling out the signup sheet on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.

Getting to Know You  Join us on October 22, 2017 from 11:30AM-1230AM, in the vestibule-lobby area immediately off the sanctuary.  Get together with some lay leaders, the minister, and newer visitors to North Unitarian Universalist Congregation to learn more about our church, and each other.  No need to RSVP!  Just come join us for conversation.  Lead by Commissioned Lay Leader Teri Cornell.

Yoga at NUUC.   Start your week mindfully with incorporating breath and movement into a mind, body, spirit yoga practice . Join on Sundays at 5 pm in Fellowship Hall for gentle yoga.  The classes both calms the mind and strengthens the body.  Through movement, poses, breath and mindfulness discover what you need to enjoy the start of your week. Modifications for poses will be given to assist new to yoga as well as those who need variations due to injuries or health concerns.     All classes are drop-in with a suggested love donation of $10.  Weekly classes will be taught by Stephanie Henderson . Please bring your own mat.  Wear comfortable (stretchy) clothing.

Stephanie‘s approach to practicing and teaching yoga reflects a love of learning.  Encouraging students to listen and learn from their bodies and breath each time they practice.  Building strength in body and spirit through postures and movement, Stephanie works to incorporate joy into a focused practice.  With RYT of 200 hours Stephanie also has substantial work toward her 500 RYT certification.


Mindful Writing: Writing to Wake the Soul.  Come join with us to see how writing can be used to explore theological and human issues.  We meet on the third Wednesday of each month, at 6:30, in Fellowship Hall. If you have questions, please instructor Marty Keith, a call at 740-369-1919 or email her at’

Women’s Group. NUUC’s Women’s Group welcomes anyone identifying as a woman. We meet the third Monday evening of each month (6:30 PM).  Contact Marty Keith for information on the next meeting and current topics of discussion:

Covenant Groups:

Covenant Groups are small groups of 6-10 people that meet monthly and allow you to explore significant questions and experience community through deep listening and discussion.  In covenant groups people get to know each other ina neighborly way, to feel in touch with each other’s lives, and to provide a context in which to think about and talk through “the big questions.” Covenant groups provide a unique experience that differs from adult education, other groups, Sunday services, or other things you can do at church.

Covenant Groups meet for to hours monthly.  Each group creates a covenant for how they intend to be together.  Meetings have a program topic, are guided by a facilitator, and follow a simple format: a candle lighting and reading, a check-in, a reading, presentation of a topic for deep listening and discussion, and a closing reading.  The format of the meetings helps participants set aside daily distractions, reflect on their lives and beliefs, and make meaningful connection with one another.

Contact for information about currently meeting groups.

Brown Bag Books

Hello Readers,

Our book for December 19th will be Beautiful Animals by Lawrence Osborne.

Upcoming books are as follows:

January Dream Hoarders by Richard Reeves
February For the Time Being by Annie Dillard
March The Black Prince by Iris Murdock
April The Coroner’s Lunch by Colin Cotterill

Brown Bag Books meets on the third Tuesday of each month at noon at the North Church. We would love for you to join us as you are able!

Happy Reading!