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The North Unitarian Universalist Congregation Newsletter

September 2010

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The name “Pavlov” might ring a bell.  He taught us a lot about conditioning.  By giving dogs treats immediately after ringing a bell, he was eventually able to withdraw the treat and yet still have the animal salivate at the sound. 


I’m that way with the strange black walnut fruits that begin to fall this time of year.  These wrinkled green balls give off the most amazing citrusy smell when they are overripe or a little crushed.  And that smell immediately brings me back to the joy/anxiety of knowing it was almost time to go back to school. 


These days my life isn’t all that much different in the summer than in other months.  Yet, there is an excitement to this time of year.  And the excitement brings with it a reminder that our belonging in this congregation represents a commitment to growth and learning that should definitely be remembered and celebrated.  As Marie Harris, a Catholic educator noted, the church doesn’t have an educational mission, it is one.


I look forward to this year of learning and growth with you. And an important year it is—March 2011 will see the 25th anniversary of the first regular worship service of this congregation.  And there is so much ahead!



To Life!





Nursery to Observe Fall Hours Sept. 12


The NUUC nursery is staffed weekly to service younger-than-toddler age children.  We will observe special “summer hours” of 10:15am until 11:45am through Sunday, September 5.  Beginning Sunday, September 12, nursery hours will revert to 8:45am until 11:45am unless otherwise noted.


“Northern Light” Newsletter


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Worship Schedule


September 5  

Justice in the Workplace and Coalition Building.  NUUC members and labor attorneys Sean Grayson and Michelle Evans lead a Labor Day themed service linking UU values and historic UU labor activism with current ways to join with labor to assist workers.    (No children’s religious education today—children in main worship).


September 12

Ingathering: Living Waters.   What makes religious teachings life giving?  We take up this topic on the occasion of our 24th Ingathering as a congregation (the intergenerational celebration of the start of the official church year).  We also observe the Water Celebration: if you like, bring a real or imaginary vial of water that symbolizes your experiences over the summer to share (children in main worship).


September 19

Remembering the Future.  Our annual observance of the Jewish High Holidays explores why we have to remember in order to move on and begin again.


September 26

Tempered Joy.  You might have heard that Stoics are people who repress their emotions.  Not true.  This week we take a look at the lessons of the ancient philosophy of Stoicism, which teaches how we might avoid negativity, feel gratitude, and yes, achieve a life both virtuous and joyful.  (A Good Life: Lessons from the Ancient Greek Series, Part One.)




Children’s Religious Education


Our Children’s Summer Program has concluded, and formal age-appropriate RE classes will resume on Sunday, September 19, with classes running concurrent to the 10:30am worship service.


Class formats will be the same as last year—“Chalice Children” is for 3-5 year olds and meets in the back of Fellowship Hall.  The “Explorers” (ages 6-11) and Youth “Seekers” (ages 12+) will meet in Nielsen House, our religious education “house” located across the driveway from the church building.  (The age groups are a guide; you are welcome to place your children to accommodate any special needs or circumstances.)


The complete and updated 2010-11 Religious Education Prospectus with a description of class topics and curriculum is available by clicking here.


If you haven’t already registered your child(ren) for Religious Education this year you can do so with our easy on-line form by clicking here.


We are still looking for a teacher and/or assistant for the Explorers class—if you are interested in helping, please contact Rev. Ritchie at 740-657-8081, ext. 2 or .




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