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November 2010

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One of the things that I felt most ambivalent about when I was starting out in ministry was asking people to volunteer to do things.  I worried about being intrusive.  I worried about striking the right balance between really letting people know that they were wanted and needed, but also making sure that if the job or the timing wasn’t right, they would have full permission to say “no.”


What I wasn’t experienced enough to do was to trust in the magic “yes” energy.  Something amazing happens when we say “yes” to what we can.  We transform the others around us.  I know this is true because I have been riding a lovely wave of the “yeses” you have offered here for most of this season.


Our Board Members and Officers have all said “yes” to serve us in a most unglamorous way.  Our religious education volunteers spread special yes energy when they agree to work with our children.  Laura Howe said yes to chairing our Stewardship Committee, and her committee members and stewards joined right in.  And people say “yes” in ways small and large that we will never be able to acknowledge in full (as I write this, Bob Keith of the Building Committee is saying “yes” to a lock for Jeri’s door!).  Recently, Becca and Nathan Morse said “yes” to Chairing our Service Auction (see page 2 of this newsletter for details!). 


And yes,   of course, this is the part where I ask you to keep the love in motion.  If you haven’t yet made a financial pledge to NUUC for the upcoming year, please do so now if you can.  Every bit helps.  Information on how and why we do the stewardship campaign, complete with a form you can fill out on line (yes!) is available on our website, just click here.   And to all of you who have already turned a pledge form in, thanks.



To Life!





Above:  Miss Merrily, NUUC’s Director of Puppet Ministries, at a recent meeting in Boston with UUA President Rev. Peter Morales.


Nursery Observes Fall Hours


The NUUC nursery is staffed weekly to service younger-than-toddler age children.  Unless otherwise noted, nursery hours are 8:45am until 11:45am (extended for certain meetings, etc. as noted).


“Northern Light” Newsletter   (done)


The “Northern Light” is a monthly newsletter produced by North Unitarian Universalist Congregation and is distributed approximately the 1st of each month.


Submissions:  The deadline for submissions is generally the week following the monthly Board of Trustees meeting.  The submission deadline for December’s issue will be Tuesday, November 23.  If possible, submissions should be sent as a Word-compatible document attached to an e-mail to Jeri Dill at  Pasting the article into the body of the e-mail is also suggested in case of incompatibility of software.


Delivery matters:  Delivery by electronic mail (e-mail) is our preferred method in order to save paper and postage; however, paper mailed copies are available upon request.  If your postal mail or e-mail address changes or you wish to be added to or removed from either mailing list, please advise Jeri Dill in the office at or by calling her at 740-657-8081, ext. 1.



Worship Schedule


November 7    The Primacy of Play.  Not only is playfulness fun; it carries with it a powerful spiritual message.


November 14  Fear No More.  Epicureans were not just good eaters, although they did like to grow their own vegetables.  An examination of how Epicureanism tried to help people overcome fears in order to live a life rich in relatedness and meaning.  A Good Life: Lessons from the Ancient Greeks Series, Part Two.


November 21  Table Service.  Our annual intergenerational celebration of Thanksgiving.  We will observe a bread communion directly from our European Unitarian past; where the importance lay in serving each other at table.  (No Children’s RE today)


November 28  Let the Wrong Ones In.  Our religious heritage has been informed by unusual ideas about the powers of inclusion.  An intergenerational service (no Children’s RE today).


Children’s Religious Education


Our formal age-appropriate RE classes are currently meeting weekly unless services are noted otherwise as “intergenerational,” with classes running concurrently to the 10:30am worship service.  (There will be no Children’s RE on Nov. 21 and 28).


Class formats are the same as last year—“Chalice Children” is for 3-5 year olds and meets in the back of Fellowship Hall.  The “Explorers” (ages 6-11) and Youth “Seekers” (ages 12+) meet in Nielsen House, our religious education “house” located across the driveway from the church building.  (The age groups are a guide; you are welcome to place your children to accommodate any special needs or circumstances.)


The complete and updated 2010-11 Religious Education Prospectus of class offerings may be viewed by visiting us at, click on “Worship and RE,” then on “Children’s Religious Education Program.”


If you would like to learn more about teaching or assisting with one of our classes for the Winter/Spring 2011 session, please contact Rev. Ritchie at 740-657-8081, ext. 2 or .


Youth “Seeker” News


The youth group has been a powerhouse this fall!  They had a bake sale to benefit the Crop Walk and walked the 10k Crop Walk, raising over $300.  They have also planted day lilies and yellow lilies in front of Nielsen House and weeded the front of the church.  Way to go, Seekers!


Not that it is all work and no play…  We watched "Pay it Forward," a great film in which a middle school boy is challenged to create a project that will change the world.  He does it, but at a great price.  We discussed the movie and the kind of faith required to do self-sacrificing acts of kindness.


We had another movie night on October 23rd at the Podrey's, and another night scheduled on November 20th at the Malletts.  Sunday mornings are filled with discussions of faith and one’s personal spiritual journey.


Melinda Rosenberg

For the Youth Teaching Team












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