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The North Unitarian Universalist Congregation Newsletter

June 2010

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The neighborhood where I live in North Clintonville was originally a place where wealthy people with townhouses near downtown would come and build summer cottages on the edge of the ravine.  It was simply understood that folks with any money at all would not spend the summer in the heat of the city. Those summer cottages are now year around family homes, and the busy city has entirely surrounded us.  But if you look and listen hard, if MC900022893[1]you really pay attention to the old screen porch across the way, you can capture a sense of those lazy summers past.


Times have changed.  While some of us may take some extra time for vacation this summer, the notion that the entire summer was for peaceful recreation is long gone.  It is hard to know if we have done the right thing by colonizing ever more time and space in the name of business and busy-ness. 


But there are some happy consequences.  One is that your congregation remains fully open and fully engaged all summer long.  Eight years ago I suggested it was time for me to stop engaging in the ancient UU ministerial custom of disappearing for the summer (I know, I know, it was clearly the right choice for building a healthy congregation---but WHAT was I thinking?).  And slowly but surely since then, you all have caught up as well, remembering that the spiritual and social benefits of congregating can actually be enjoyed in warm weather (and we do have powerful, free air conditioning—I’ve been thinking of adding that to our sign!).


So enjoy as many quiet moments you can—maybe on that porch, maybe a with lemonade in your hand, and maybe that lemonade is in a cool glass with water beading on the outside.  But don’t be a stranger.  We’d like to love you all year around!


To Life,




“Northern Light” Newsletter


The “Northern Light” is a monthly newsletter produced by North Unitarian Universalist Congregation and is distributed approximately the 1st of each month.


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Worship Schedule


June 6            

Life Advice:  The Meta-Graduation Sermon.  A compilation of the best life advice our members and friends have ever heard.  Intergenerational service—children in main worship.


June 13                      

Bring Your Whole Self.  The UU practice and theology of Religious Education offers a great lesson about how we might all be fully present to life.  This is our annual intergenerational celebration of Religious Education Sunday (children in main worship).


June 20                      

Member Lyn Herron offers a service entitled “We’re A Welcoming Congregation…Now What?”


June 27

Whistle While You Work.  Commissioned Lay Leader Teri Cornell leads a service in which several members of NUUC describe how they do—and do not—live out their religious values in the workplace.


Children’s Religious Education


The last regularly-scheduled Children’s Religious Education class of the Spring session met on Sunday, May 16.   This month, the children will be in main worship for two special intergenerational services on June 6 and 13, after which our Summer Program for children of all ages will begin to meet in Fellowship Hall.  Formal age-appropriate RE classes will resume in September.


On Sunday, June 13 we will observe our annual intergenerational celebration of Religious Education.  On that day we will recognize and honor our dedicated and able teaching staff and look forward to special presentations by the children and youth.


If you are interested in assisting with the children’s informal summer program or would like to learn more about teaching or assisting with one of our classes for the Fall 2010 session, please contact Rev. Susan Ritchie at 740-657-8081, ext. 2 or .


Youth Group News


The Youth Group has had a fun-filled and interesting year.  Almost every week we enjoyed a mixer activity and discussed an issue that members of the Youth Group have formulated.  One such discussion explored whether it is OK to wait a while before you decide how you feel about something rather than having an opinion right away.  Many felt there was value in waiting, and it was suggested that it is OK to change one’s mind.


With the help of Nancy Gamso, the Youth have been busy writing a song which they plan to perform for the congregation during RE Sunday on June 13.


Nursery Observing Summer Hours


Beginning with the June 6 service, the NUUC nursery will be staffed to serve younger-than-toddler age children from 10:15am until 11:45am.  These hours will remain in effect until early September.




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